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We will just utilize your data for the reason for which it is expected for i.e to reach you in regards to Boston Terrier Puppies. No imparting to any outsider.

Here you consider your protection as a main difficult issue. Protection really implies security. Our strategy expresses that what ever data we gather from you is exclusively used to reach you just and won’t be sold or imparted to an outsider under no condition. Pretty much all web servers track fundamental data for its guests.

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Registration Papers

Puppy are current on shots, AKC registered and comes with complete documentation in their package.


All refunds will be processed within 5 days of request; and can take up to 4 days to post to your financial institution.

Again there will be no refunds for vet bills, pet returns nor shipping charges as we only offer a replacement puppy per our warranty.


All puppies are sent via our pet forwarding agent who makes final arrangement to ship pet via commercial airline, we have no affiliations with no Airlines and are not responsible for delayed flights, cancelled flights, re-routings & over night kenneling. Once the puppy is tendered at delivery facilities we have no additional control over the delivery of your puppy.

Health Certificates

All puppies that fly have a health certificate as we are required by the airlines to have this upon tendering the puppy at the airport. If you lose or misplace the pink health certificate please email or call us and we can supply a computerized shot record. Please allow us up to 3 days to provide you this information.

Hereditary and Congenital Disorders

Please understand that all puppies that are sold by us have been checked for the above disorders prior to leaving. On top of the puppies being checked by the vet; the parents to the puppies have been checked to be free and clear of any disorders.


Every week we take photos of all the new puppies. At times we group puppies in an effort to reduce the amount of listings that we may have. It is possible that we may have four “Same colors” — what we do in this case is change the photos after each one sells as they look very similar but have minor marking differences. To avoid any confusion please always refresh your page prior to sending an inquiry

Legal Jurisdiction

When purchasing your new puppy from us, It implies you have agreed to our warranty policy in its entirety prior to submitting Your inquiry. Any case that may arise will be arbitrated by any competent court within our location!

Shipping Insurance

Due to country/state restrictions, some pets are required to be insured prior to them being shipped, in such case our forwarding agent will make all the necessary arrangement for the pet to be insured but the buyer is entirely responsible for this payment. The insurance fees will not be below $100.00 and will not exceed $1500.00 United states Dollars Depending on the value as the pet as will be determined by the shipper. This amount is usually 99 % refundable upon safe delivery in most cases.

Shipping Restrictions

We ship 3 times per week. These days are typically Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Sometimes (depending on the Cargo facility hours) we will make exceptions to ship another day. If you designate an airport Delta services with Live Animals, we will find the best flight for your puppy on one of the days we ship. We must stay within our contract with Delta Airlines & use the airports they service within the times they allow. Restrictions are as follows:.

1: Puppy restrictions. The airlines take very precautionary steps to making sure these puppies fly safe. We must follow their guidelines. This may cause a flight to be changed, delayed to a different day, or different airport. Please know, the puppy’s health is #1 priority before anyone’s schedule.

2: Dash Shipments. A small percentage of airports are Delta Dash during certain hours. Typically, these belong to the smaller airports. For Dash, if the ONLY flight option for your puppy falls within the Dash Shipment category, we may be required to charge an additional small fee to cover the shipping. Dash Shipping will not be below $50 nor exceed $100.

3: International Customers. Sometimes we must charge a bit more to ship a puppy to internationally (depending on the airport & time of year). Please understand if you’re a potential customer located internationally & want your puppy shipped for the price you’ve paid in US Dollars…. it’s a case by case basis.

4: Weather. (Usually only applicable in the heat of summer or coldest winter months). Airline regulations will restrict live animal shipments sometimes. The regulations change about as quickly as the weather does! We ship out of different airports across the country & the Cargo department treats us very well. Please understand we want to get you your puppy as much as you do, however, sometimes we are denied shipment due to a national regulation made by the airline. Also, different receiving airports have different restrictions & hours. It’s always going to be a case by case basis here as well. Shipping restrictions can even be made by the pilot, 5 minutes before takeoff… if he or she feels the plane is too heavy due to baggage or weather and wants to remove the live animal cargo from the flight– the call can be made to do this. If one of these types of issues happen, please do NOT blame us, because we the control is out of our hands.

5:Make an Offer. Sometimes we have puppies you can make an offer on. If the offer is accepted, shipping must on shippers’ terms. Customer must be flexible & work with a schedule determined by the shipper. As always, you may contact us to a representative before checking out if you have questions. Offers on puppies are held for a short time. We will choose the best flight for the puppy & advantageous for shipping costs. When doing this, oftentimes, there will be 2 separate puppies flying to the SAME airport on the SAME day for 2 separate customers. In best interest of lessening the stress of a flight, we will fly 2 puppies together–so they have a playmate during the flight. This is the best option for the pups. When receiving a puppy price or shipping price BELOW full price, please know these options are possible. A customer may only require their puppy to be sent alone if they’ve paid full shipping costs &/or have entered no coupon code.